Moving pictures & real-time language since 2004.
Computer games, VFX and interactive multimedia.
Storytellers, Designers, Programmers.

HandMade in Europe.
The Netherlands +31 6 21 266 466 | De Ruyterkade 128 | 1011 AC Amsterdam
Slovenia +386 41 529 052 | Presernova cesta 12 | 1000 Ljubljana
Our Little Big Sea
Museum of Natural History
Untold armies of fantastical creatures. Mysteries of the Deep Sea. Interactive exhibition.
XC Race
A professional tool for top racing athletes. 2.0 Active Edge Carbon.
St Kilda Melbourne
XO projects
Augmented platform for the future development.
2150 a.d.
Undisputed heroes of outer space. Last Chance to Save the World is now.
DH Allmountain
The giants of white. Where Performance Gets Personal.
Panzer Teaser
Panzer Elite Action The Game follows the story of three tank commanders and their crews through their agonizing WW2 battle campaigns.
Museum of Natural History
An entire skeleton of a mammoth was found. How did he live and how did he looked like, why did they get extinct?
Live Show Puppets
Full control over your virtual actor's movement, facial mimic and voice in a real-time 3D computer-generated environment.

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OKTAN Teaser
Secret agent is sending six sexy female agents across the world to test the fastes, the longest, the most endurable vehicles.
Various Real-Time User eXperience video game simulations.
MODY Timelapse
Elastik has developed a modular, all inclusive housing unit that combines state-of-the-art production. User's timelapse of a 24 hours.